Hermiston Securities and Scotia Homes are delighted to be bringing forward masterplan proposals for around 300 new homes, public open space and associated infrastructure, adjacent to Westfield Loan, Forfar.

During 2013 and 2014 Hermiston Securities and Scotia Homes undertook an extensive programme of stakeholder and community engagement, comprising a 2-day community exhibition, workshops, and public consultation on the potential for residential development at Westfield, Forfar. From which emerged the Concept Masterplan and Development Framework. This ultimately informed the decision by Angus Council to allocate the site within the Angus Local Development Plan (LDP). The LDP housing allocation ‘F4 Housing – Westfield’ provides 38.8ha of land for residential development in the second half of the LDP (2021-2026) alongside additional land safeguarded for further residential development beyond 2026.

In March 2020 an updated Masterplan Framework was prepared for the ‘F4 Housing – Westfield’ site which took account of the feedback from the current LDP process and subsequent Examination, as well as additional input from Angus Council between March and November 2020, when the draft document was consulted on with a range of stakeholders. The Masterplan Framework examines the land and visual impact; access and movement; site ecology; and existing constraints to create an informed and considered development proposal. Current and future planning applications will seek to appropriately reflect the Development Framework design guidelines in parallel with satisfying all current Angus Council and National Planning Policy requirements. 

Hermiston Securities and Scotia Homes are committed to consulting with the local community regarding the plans for this important allocated Forfar site and we have prepared this virtual consultation to allow the community to engage with the developing scheme and view our Masterplan Framework proposals in detail. We will duly consider all comments made with any relevant technical input and refine our development proposals before finalising our Masterplan Framework in support of relevant separate planning applications.

Once you have reviewed the proposals on our virtual consultation section, please do consider leaving your views and comments using the Feedback tab. This consultation will remain open until midnight on 4th February 2022.

In the meantime, if you have any queries please get in touch with the project team via:

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Telephone: 0141 264 2831
Email: westfield@libertyone.co.uk